About - Carlo David

I am a meticulous and creative photographer in pursuit of authenticity, excellence, while striving constantly for perfection. My love for the many different styles of photography such as portraiture, photojournalism, fine-art and travel reflects in the images I produce.

Building relationships is something I strongly believe in too. It’s all about getting to know my clients, what they like, what they don’t like and simply making friends with them that makes my work more personal.

Growing up I was always fascinated with photography. My first camera was a Pentax ME 35mm film camera given to me by my father, and to this day I still enjoy using it from time to time. My early photography works include landscapes, nature, cars and bikes. It wasn’t until I became good friends with a wedding photographer from the Philippines that fueled my fascination with photography even more. I soon realized how wonderful and rewarding it felt to take photos of people in love. It didn’t take long until I did my first wedding and was hooked happily ever after.

It wasn't always photography. I love music and I probably had some of the best times of my life  attending Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Music and the Arts as a percussionist, and then to CUNY to major in music thereafter. I am still an active performer and enjoy playing music for the crowd.

For other fun stuff I love road biking and trail riding, snowboarding, skiing, scuba diving, and definitely eating awesome food--all the while  I never stop clicking that shutter whether it's my DSLR or just my phone.

Photography, that’s my life.